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Preventative Maintenance (PM) Options

Only a C Technologies, Inc. certified specialist can ensure that your SoloVPE system is qualified and can travel annually (or more if needed by your company) to perform a service. Besides qualifying your system,  the PM includes additional items and consumables. Our certified specialists have the knowledge of the SoloVPE system in its entirety and the required tools to inspect cables and consumables for nonconformities that may be overlooked by others. To gain the full rewards and discounts for your company, a service contract is highly recommended. Across the globe nearly all of our customers enjoy the non-stress Quick Service Contract Option. Speak to your local SoloVPE representative regarding purchase of a contract or PM.

Quick Service Contract Options

Let a C Technologies, Inc. certified SoloVPE specialist help you with maintaining your entire SoloVPE system! We will qualify your system and ensure that both the SoloVPE and Cary Spectrophotometer are treated properly as well as providing the users with direct interaction to the system quick tips, if needed! If there are any new employees to your company - No Problem! - Request a formal training session from C Technologies, Inc. 

Enjoy year-round service discounts and take comfort in free equipment evaluation at the C Technologies facility and use of a loaner system if necessary. With support from our excellent and informative staff we will help keep your system qualified.

We offer 1 to 3 year service contracts for the SoloVPE system with one free preventative maintenance per year as well as our popular GxP contract which works on a bi-annual basis to satisfy the needs of your company. For more information regarding all the discounts and benefits please see our contract document or speak to your local SoloVPE representative.

Quick Slope...Quick Check...Quick What..?

As easy as our technology is to use, C Technologies understands that sometimes you may need a formal training session from a certified SoloVPE specialist. During the training session we will explain the proper way to care for consumables, the Cary Spectrophotometer, and SoloVPE. We will observe and provide assistance while users run samples in order to become comfortable and feel at ease with the SoloVPE system and software.

If you have any new employees to your company or simply need a refresher course for your SoloVPE users please contact your local SoloVPE representative in order to schedule a training session.

Windows Operating System and Software Upgrades

C Technologies offers a multitude of software upgrades as well as hardware upgrades as they become available. Service includes upgrading any compatible CaryWinUV Software, SoloVPE Software, and Windows upgrades. In addition we offer a Security Package that can be made 21 CFR Part 11 compatible by your company. Make sure your company has the latest and greatest SoloVPE software that we offer so that you can enjoy all the new additions.

We Are Always Looking For Feedback!

Don’t see something in the SoloVPE software that you would like to be incorporated into the software for your company’s personal use? Contact your local SoloVPE representative to discuss options for customization of the SoloVPE software and/or custom reports.

We’re Moving... Now What?

Need to move the SoloVPE and require a qualification of the system before and/or after the move? Our specialists are able to tell you the status of your system before your company moves it. A specialist will also come in after its move to its final destination and qualify the entire system once your company is ready.

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