Software Programmer

 Job Summary:

The software programmer is responsible for maintaining existing software and developing new software applications that support its line of spectroscopy related products. The individual will be responsible for patching and updating CTECH’s existing software programs that have been released to the Bio-pharmaceutical marketing place. The individual will also be responsible for supporting CTECH’s ongoing development activities which will involve developing new applications (environment, interfaces and functionality) that support and help growing a new line of spectroscopy related instruments and devices. The individual will work closely with engineering, sales and marketing, IT and quality to develop design goals and specifications and then be primarily responsible for writing the code and create the software products. The Software Programmer will also be a primary trainer on the proper installation, and use of the software packages developed and be responsible for providing consultation and troubleshooting to end users and support personnel.


 Relationships & Communication:

 Reports To:      

 Director of Operations

 Directly Supervises:


 Internal Relationships:

 Engineering, IT, Sales & Marketing, Quality

 External Relationships:





 Computer Programming Curriculum (Bachelors/Associates Degree)


Work Experience:

 Prior experience developing Windows Based Applications preferred


 Experience working with multiple languages preferred



 Experience with laboratory software a plus



 Experience with regulatory compliance in the bio-pharmaceutical industry a plus



 Computer Skills:

  • Knowledge of various languages is preferred including legacy languages such as BASIC strongly preferred
  • Expertise with one or more of: Visual Basic, .NET, flavors of C and LABVIEW
  • Database Development Experienced Particular with Microsoft Access preferred
  • VBA, Windows API and VB Script experience
  • Ability to consistently define and apply coding standards as part of development team critical


Strong written and verbal communication skills especially for documenting procedures and manuals, training employee and customers and providing technical support to the user base.



 Essential Responsibilities

  • Support a spectroscopy software package developed using a BASIC style programming language called “ADL” that is integrated with the spectroscopy equipment marketing and sold by C Technologies.
  • Patch and enhance the existing software package currently installed worldwide that is used run the spectroscopy instrument sold by C Technologies, Inc. in the existing platform using the BASIC/ADL language
  • Assist in the selection of a new development platform and the subsequent migration away from the legacy software platform to the new platform while dealing with the constraints associated with the use of an ActiveX control for hardware integration.
  • Assist in the specification and development of the updated GUI, and functionality made possible by moving to the new development platform.
  • Support ongoing engineering activities for new products in the product line by working with the engineering group and sales and marketing to define new types of functionality and subsequently write and test the new programs.
  • Possibility for travel to customer and vendor sites in support of software specification and development activities.
  • Enforce code standards to assure quality and success in a team based development environment.
  • Assist in the development of product documentation and training materials
  • Support end users and their support departments with the installation and integration of the software applications.
  • Read, interpret and translate customer and regulatory requirements into specifications for software development.

Company Information

C Technologies, Inc.
757 Route 202/206
Bridgewater, NJ 08807 USA

Phone: (908) 707-1009
Fax: (908) 707-1030

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Direct Line: (908) 707-1201

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