Quality Control Inspector

 Job Summary:

Responsible for performing verification activities on products throughout the process including Incoming Inspections on raw materials and components, WIP Inspection on product been processed and Final Inspection prior to receipt of finished goods. Responsibilities also include the inspection of non-conforming product and product returns. This will involve physical verifications of both variable and attribute data using measurement devices, tools and fixtures as well as verification of related documentation and records. Data entry activities into word documents, spreadsheets, database applications, ERP system and the performance of specification transactions will also be required. The position supports and cooperates production, engineering, purchasing, shipping, receiving and sales to meet technical, quality and performance goals.


 Qualifications:  The employee in this role should have some or all of the following  characteristics/qualifications:


 High School Diploma


Work Experience:

 0 – 3 Years Quality Inspection Experience


 0 – 3 Years Working in an ISO 9001 Style Quality Management System



  • Strong Computer Skills (Word, Excel)
  • Strong Communication Skills (Verbal & Written)
  • Proficiency with measurement tools (Micrometers, Calipers)
  • Works well in team environment
  • Meticulous, thorough, organized, unbiased, perceptive, meticulous




 Essential Responsibilities: The following list highlights the key responsibilities/tasks.

  1. Incoming  and Final Inspection
  • Handle blue prints and supplier drawings
  • Use calipers, microscopes, gages, magnifying glasses and Keyence
  • Perform dimensional tests and surface inspections
  • Perform Probe Tests:  SMA fit Test, Power Meter Test, Needle push and pull test, Resistor Probe recognition test, Laser power Test, Distal end test, Visual inspection of polishing parts.
  • Performs scans on Probe to measure transmission
  • Perform spot size measurements on jumper and Probes
  1. RMAs Inspection
  • Perform the require inspections of Product Returned from the customer
  • Record the data and report the results to Manufacturing and Sales
  1. Engineering Inspection
  • Provide inspection services to the engineering department
  • Perform incoming inspection over all required dimensions
  1. Identification of Control Status
  • Identify the control status of products and incoming parts
  • Identify and segregate non-conforming product and incoming parts
  • Issue non conformances as needed
  • Communicate with supplier regarding non-conforming incoming parts
  1. Documents Lab Organization
  • Enter quality data into the corresponding database
  • Keep lab documentation and records organized and updated
  • Keep the lab in clean and neat conditions as well as the instruments
  • Keep equipment, materials, instruments and storage locations labeled

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