Mechanical Engineer

Job Summary:

 The Mechanical Engineer works in the product development engineering group of its fiber optic and instrument business units. The products involved are optical fiber based assemblies and instruments that are used in a wide range of industries including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, science and technology, telecommunications, metrology and others. The individual must have strong mechanical design skills and analytical approach to design and problem solving. The individual must be willing to roll up his/her sleeves and engage with the products, processes and production teams. This individual will be involved with designing mechanical components, assemblies and systems as well as the processes required to manufacture the items. The individual will also be involved with troubleshooting manufacturing problems, supporting sales, quality vendors and customers.


Relationships & Communication:

Reports To:      

 Engineering Manager

Directly Supervises:


Internal Relationships:

 Quality, Manufacturing, Software Development, Service, Sales

External Relationships:

Suppliers, Customers



Bachelor's degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering.

Work Experience:

 3+ years of mechanical, electro-mechanical, and/or opto-mechanical design.

Design automation & instrumentation components/system.

Familiar with comprehensive product design process, including conceptual development, physical design, tests, integration, and support.

Experience with MRP / ERP software required.


SolidWorks 2D, 3D, & assembly and FEA simulations

 Hand-on experience in milling, lathe, and CNC programing

 Familiar with GD&T and tolerance analysis

 Understand basic DOE and fundamental statistics analysis

Strong organization, verbal and written communication.

 Excellent problem solving skills

 Ability to be self-motivated with a positive attitude and a solid work ethic.

 Ability to think outside the box and show creativity.


Essential Responsibilities


  1. Provide innovative and creative concepts or ideas in product development.
  2. Apply engineering principles and practices to assure products or instruments quality.
  3. Produce solid models and detailed drawings of mechanical components and assemblies in SolidWorks.
  4. Perform detailed analysis to ensure product performance, reliability and manufacturability in addition to documenting the design, development, and validation processes.
  5. Analyze mechanical tolerance and use FEA or other analytical tools in product development.
  6. Design and execute test plans to verify the feasibility, design, operation, or performance of instrument, components, or systems.
  7. Prepare graphs and reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing test data.
  8. Investigate and diagnose failures or faulty operations, and either implement engineering changes or provide recommendations to service group.
  9. Support and/or supervise transfer of new product or product modifications to manufacturing.
  10. Searching, sourcing, obtaining quotation, and selecting materials and vendors.
  11. Communicate suppliers and vendors with drawing specifications, tolerance, and special process steps.
  12. Collaborate within multidisciplinary teams to contribute and achieve projects milestones or goals.

Company Information

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